International Moving: Downingtown Moving Companies

A Leader Among Downingtown Moving Companies and International Moves

Searching through all of the Downingtown moving companies to find the best option for your relocation can be both tedious and stressful. L&J Transportation, in association with North American International, is here to help you simplify that search.  We pride ourselves in having top notch customer service and competitive rates. We are a leader among Downingtown moving companies and offer a valuable service to our clientele through our knowledge in customs processing, as well as, knowledge of the local customs of the place you are relocating to. This helps ease the tension that an international move may cause.  By hiring L&J Transportation, you leave the relocating to us, allowing you get back to your everyday life. We commit to giving your possessions the same care and handling that we would give our own.Downington Moving Companies | L&J International Moving

As a former hotspot for the milling industry, Downingtown has served as an important city in Pennsylvania history.  One of the first buildings erected in the town was the Downingtown Log House. This location was in the Downing family until the 1940s when Thomas W. Downing passed away, leaving the home to the borough.  Laying 40 feet west of its original location off of historic Route 30, the Log House served as the location for  the Downingtown Chamber of Commerce.  Downingtown, Pa is now home to many large businesses, and was even the first place that Auntie Anne’s sold pretzels in its farmer’s market.  L&J Transportation strives to aid this bustling community with its international moving needs.

L&J Transportation has an atypical approach to the moving process.  Unlike other Downingtown moving companies we provide each of our customers with their own International Relocation Coordinator who, in turn, streamlines communication from pre-delivery to conclusion and all steps in between.  This approach eases the customer’s concerns, by making sure that one person knows the entire situation, instead of having to deal with several different people that may have no prior knowledge to previous steps in the relocation.  We pride ourselves in being one of the few Downingtown movers that incorporate this methodology during our international moves.  Regardless if the move is over land or sea, L&J Transportation is fully equipped to handle all of your relocation needs. Contact us today at 610-255-7586 for a free international moving services estimate.