International Moving Services: Lancaster, PA

Providing Top Rated International Moving Services

L&J Transportation has been committed to delivering outstanding moving services to its customers since its debut in the late 1980’s. Working with North American International, L&J has branched out to become one of the most respected international moving companies in Lancaster, PA. With tremendously competitive rates and moving services, L&J Transportation remains one of the best moving companies in moving services lancaster

International moving can be complicated, but L&J Transportation utilizes experience and knowledge in customs processing to make things easy. Furthermore, we go above and beyond by ensuring that your belongings have cleared customs and are ready to be delivered to your new home by one of our dedicated affiliates awaiting your arrival. We know that you have many things that demand your attention on a daily basis. Why should an international relocation be one of them?

The city of Lancaster, Pa has a rich and colorful history. Founded by William Penn, Lancaster served as the temporary capital of the colonies after the Continental Congress was forced to relocate out of Philadelphia. Some of our nation’s most powerful political figures hail from Lancaster, including House Representative and abolitionist Thaddeus Stevens and the 15th United States President James Buchanan. The Lancaster community is also home to the country’s oldest farmer’s market. L&J Transportation is proud to provide its international moving services to the residents of Lancaster.

L&J Transportation provides unique customer care that makes the moving process much easier for everyone involved. By assigning each customer with an International Relocation Coordinator, we limit your contact to one person from beginning to end. By having one person in control each step of the process, we are able to cater to your needs on both a personal and individual basis. Working with L&J guarantees that you have hired one of the best Lancaster movers with a stress free environment from pre-delivery until completion.  L&J Transportation has the ability to handle all moves no matter if it is cross country or overseas. Give L&J Transportation a call now and learn of all the options we can provide for you today.