Logistics Services and Supply Chain Management

L&J Transportation is proud to offer supply chain management and logistics services to our commercial clients. If you are looking for a dependable name in moving, storage, and logistics, we are here for you. Our L&J Logistics division offers an extensive network of options for freight management, shipping, and distribution. We work with some of the top rated carriers in the country to provide our customers with cost effective means of transporting freight.

Freight Management

While our commercial clients are well aware of the freight shipping services we offer, not everyone realizes that we handle extensive services from packaging and pool distribution services, to warehousing and consolidation of freight. We combine our well maintained and extensive fleet of trucks with air and sea shipping options for complete international supply chain management services that work for our clients.

Reliability and Dedication

These days, supply chain management and logistics services are increasing in  important for businesses of all kinds. Many companies rely on providers, like L&J Logistics, to handle their freight while they concentrate on the front end of their business. This kind of work is not new, however, the distribution process is shifting. More and more, we are seeing our partner companies request logistic services from us as opposed to handling the packaging and shipping themselves.

Regardless of your industry or freight, L&J Logistics can provide logistic services to your company. We continually work with companies to customize their supply chain management needs and help them be more efficient. Over the past 24 years, we have dedicated our time and energy into improving the services that we offer to better serve our customers.

For more information on logistics services and supply chain management, contact L&J Logistics today at 1-800-641-6683 and speak to one of customer service representatives or visit our Logistics site at L&J Logistics.