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Schuylkill Haven

Schuylkill Haven is a focal point of activity in southern Schuylkill

County. Schuylkill Haven provides electric, water, sewer, and refuse

services to the citizens of the borough.

Schuylkill Haven has numerous playgrounds and recreation areas.

Playgrounds in the borough include the "Green Goose" (located on

Jackson street just west of Avenue A), the Saylor Street playground

(in the western side of the borough), the Naffin Avenue playground

(located on Naffin Avenue just northwest of the public school

district's main athletic field), and the Willow Street playground (located in the northwestern corner of the borough). Other children's play areas are located on Garfield Avenue, North Berne Street, Williams Street, and Fritz Reed Avenue. Located on South Berne Street is an area known as "The Courts" which features a basketball court, picnic benches, and a gazebo.

Bubeck Park is located south of Columbia street near the Columbia Heights section of the borough. The park includes two pavilions, a bandstand, and a gazebo. Situated at the eastern edge of Bubeck Park is Stoyer's Dam. Officially dedicated on May 20, 1984, this man-made dam is the site of fishing and iceskating, as well as the home of numerous ducks, geese, and swans. The source of water for the dam is Long Run Creek, which enters on the western side of the dam after traveling along Pennsylvania Route 443 from the Friedensburg, Pennsylvania area.

Island Park is the newest addition to Schuylkill Haven's park system. It is located south of Fritz Reed Avenue between the Schuylkill River to the north, east, and south, and the Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad tracks to the west. Island park is currently the site of fireworks displays in the borough and is expected to feature a skate park, pavilions, and other opportunities for recreation once development is completed.

The Walk In Art Center is a main attraction in Schuylkill Haven. Featuring 15 on site artist and 3 art galleries as well as many educational programs and community events.

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