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Allentown, PA Residential Relocation Movers

L&J Transportation - The Leading Relocation Movers

in Allentown   

For over 30 years, L&J Transportation has served the communities of

Pennsylvania with excellent customer service and outstanding

performance. We take pride in being a family owned and operated

company and we strive to be the best option for you in your time of need.

L&J Transportation understands the importance of community and takes

care of each customer the way in which we would like to be treated.

By utilizing the latest in technology, high levels of experience and

training in our staff, we are committed to being one of the leading Allentown residential relocation movers.

We know what customers are looking for in a residential moving company including reasonable prices, prompt service, and respect for your belongings. L&J Transportation delivers with care to all of our relocations.

Allentown is the third largest city in Pennsylvania and is also its fastest growing. Allentown was once a huge contributor to the American Revolution, as it was the hidden location of the Liberty Bell while it was being concealed from the British. When people come for the historical significance of the city, they will be delighted to view the vast amounts of beautiful city parks Allentown has to offer. The city has also caught the undying attention of one of the greatest singers and song writers of all time, Billy Joel, in the clasic song "Allentown". Allentown provides the sense of community and fellowship that L&J Transportation stands for, and we are proud to be a part of it.

When you call L&J Transportation, one of our residential relocation movers will explain all of your options, including rates, packing and protection. L&J Transportation is committed to quality customer service and timely, affordable relocations. We are also recognized as a certified residential Allentown moving company by the Pennsylvania Moving and Storage Association and are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. You can be assured that you are dealing with a company that not only meets high service standards, but is fully insured as well. Call one of our residential relocation movers today to learn more. 


L&J Transportation - MOVERS OF CHOICE

At L&J Transportation, whether you're relocating in the same city or taking up residence overseas, we're the movers capable of handling all your moving needs. Our moving company offers a variety of moving services that can be customized based on your specific requirements and we will be here for you each step of the way.

We are a Proud Agent Of northAmerican
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