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Top Rated Lancaster Logistics Company

If you are looking for more than just a freight transportation company, then you could be looking for Lancaster logistics services. Packaging, shipping, pool distribution, and freight management seem to be buzz words these days, not only in Lancaster, Pa, but across the country as well. At L&J Transportation, these are not new ideas. We have been providing logistics services to our Lancaster commercial partners for long enough to know what it takes to be successful. We have improved efficiency for our clients by providing special attention to detail and laying down a clear set of services for each case individually.


When you work with us as your logistics company, you will

feel confident that your supply chain management services

are being handled by experienced professionals who are

dedicated to customer service. Help make your company

operate smoothly by employing Lancaster logistics services

from L&J Transportation.


Tailored Lancaster Logistics


It is not always easy to change the way your company operates, especially if it goes against the way you have been doing business for years. Often, companies think that they are running their operations as smooth as possible, without realizing that there are other options available. A Lancaster logistics company will assist you in both packaging and distribution. By contacting L&J Transportation, we can show you how our logistics services in Lancaster, PA is exactly what your company needs right now.

There are many reasons why our clients are happy with our performance. We have found ways to improve the service they provide and keep their customers satisfied by improving the speed and precision with which products are distributed. This can create huge benefits. As we handle distribution efficiently on a larger scale, we save you money and time from trying to do it yourself.

There is a reason why people are looking for logistics companies to handle their supply chain management. In fact, there are a number of reasons, and we cannot wait to show you how you can take advantage of our expertise.

Call us today or visit our Logistics website at L&J Logistics to find out more!


At L&J Logistics, whether you're transporting items within the same city or shipping overseas, we're the specialists capable of handling all of your distribution needs. Our logistics company offers a variety of services that can be customized based on your specific requirements and we will be here for you each step of the process.

We are a Proud Agent Of northAmerican

L&J is Licensed by the DOT (889135), PA PUC (A109787) & MC 436356.

North American Van Lines, Inc. MC 107012 U.S. DOT No.070851.

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