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The biggest township in the Bucks county, covering 33 square

miles. Its geography is dominated by Buckingham Mountain

which rises to a height of 520 feet, but its landscape is

characterized by gently rolling countryside. Blessed by many

streams and rich soil, it has yielded bountiful harvests for 300


In Buckingham and the Buckingham area, there are many

important yet little known historical landmarks. One is Bogarts

Tavern (now the General Greene Inn), on the corner of Route 413 (Durham Road) and Route 263 (Old York Road). It was from this building that General Nathanael Greene, commander of George Washington's left wing during the Battle of Trenton, made his headquarters during the winter of 1776.

Agriculture has been Buckingham’s principal industry since its founding, and the Township still retains a strong farm community. However, since the mid-1970s, there has been a substantial shift in the landscape from rural to suburban. New needs have accompanied the change in character. The Township now provides public parks and recently purchased an additional 40 acres for needed sports fields. There are Buckingham families who have lived in the Township for generations, but most of them are more recent arrivals. Nevertheless, old and new residents have been united in their desire to preserve the scenic and historic character of the township.


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