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Phoenixville Logistics Agent

Professional Phoenixville Logistics Agents Serving You

Not surprisingly, the work of logistics companies in not only Phoenixville, but across the country, has grown in the past few years. Logistics agent services, supply chain management, and freight storage and movement are not new, but they have evolved over the years to meet the modern demands of its customers. Many companies are coming to the realization that by hiring a logistics agent company to handle not just shipping, but also packaging, pool distribution, and warehousing, efficiency and customer service can be improved. These improvements allow companies to grow and adjust easily to their changing markets with comfortable protections in place as.

At L&J Transportation, we have experience and a variety

of networks, thanks to our years serving Phoenixville, Pa

and the rest of the country with excellence in the moving

industry. We now proudly offer our commercial clients

logistics services as well, so that our networks can be used

to improve the efficiency of our partners.

Phoenixville, PA Logistics Services

The logistics agent services that L&J Transportation offers, based on experience, and proven with dedication, are among the best around. Our customers are happy with the work that we do because we tailor our strategies to their needs. Whatever your company is looking for in a Phoenixville logistics company, you can depend on us to provide satisfaction.

Sit down with one of our logistics management team members and talk about what kind of plan would suit your needs. The way we work best is when we can adjust our services to the specific requirements of our clients. Whether you desire local Phoenixville logistics, or if you would like to expand and have us pack and ship around the world, you can count on L&J Transportation to assist you.

Give us a call today or visit L&J Logistics to find out more!


At L&J Logistics, whether you're transporting items within the same city or shipping overseas, we're the specialists capable of handling all of your distribution needs. Our logistics company offers a variety of services that can be customized based on your specific requirements and we will be here for you each step of the process.

We are a Proud Agent Of northAmerican

L&J is Licensed by the DOT (889135), PA PUC (A109787) & MC 436356.

North American Van Lines, Inc. MC 107012 U.S. DOT No.070851.

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