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L & J Transportation Presents Top Mistakes People Make When Packing

Amity Gardens, PA can be found nestled in Amity Township,

Berks County, PA an area that dates back to a small community

of Swedes who settled the area in 1699. Today, Amity Gardens

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Overstuffing Boxes

No matter what type of box you plan to use, L&J Transportation says you need to pay close attention to the weight you put in each box. The recommended maximum box weight varies, but it is important to remember if you can't lift a box, the movers may not be able to handle it carefully, even if they can lift it. If you have heavy items like books, add a layer in the bottom of several boxes and then pack lighter items on top. This will make the boxes much easier for everyone to handle.

Using Plastic Bags

It can be very tempting to stuff last minute items such as clothes, linens, stuffed animals, and so forth into those big black trash bags. The only problem is the once the truck is packed; the bags provide no support. If the truck goes around a corner a little too quickly or has to stop suddenly, the load could shift, causing serious damage, even to things packed in boxes.

Packing Hazardous Materials

There are many hazardous items you should not pack for shipping. The obvious ones are spray paints, gasoline, paint thinner, fireworks, ammunition, etc. What you may not know, is that chemicals like nail polish remover is highly flammable and presents a significant risk to the safety of your shipment. Check with L&J Transportation for a complete list of what you should not pack.

Used Boxes

You might think you are saving money by hitting up your local stores for used boxes, going dumpster diving to save money, or grabbing used boxes anywhere you can find them. But, most of these are no longer as strong as they were when new. Using boxes like this is a sure recipe for disaster as they can collapse or fall apart, resulting in severe damage to your property.

Not Insuring Your Goods

If you insist on doing your own packing, companies like L&J Transportation have only a very limited liability should anything happen to your stuff. Movers can only be held liable for the items they pack. If you have collections of valuables, you should pay the moving company to professionally and make sure you purchase additional insurance to cover your household goods in the event they are damaged, lost, or stolen during the move.

With the right packing materials, proper packing methods, and a reputable moving company like L&J Transportation, your goods should arrive at your new home safe and sound ready to be unpacked so you can settle in. For more tips on making your move successful and stress-free, contact L&J at 610-327-3100 and let our experts guide you through your move.


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