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Expert Commerical Movers in Pottstown, PA

Business Moving is a Breeze With One of the Best Commercial Movers

Planning to relocate your business to Pottstown, PA? Look no further

than L&J Transportation; the moving company of choice among

commercial movers. We have decades of experience in the industry

and the expertise to make your office relocation a hassle-free

experience. We understand all the processes involved in executing a

successful business move and will assist you to plan a smooth

transition to your new location in Pottstown.

Our dedicated, knowledgeable crew will plan your office relocation

based on your requirements. We recognize how important it is to

execute a business move efficiently, to ensure as little down time as possible. Preventable issues such as untimely delays or lack of appropriate equipment can make or break your business productivity during this transition. Our team of dedicated commercial movers will come up with a custom plan that ensures all points of the move run as smoothly as possible.  

At L&J Transportation, we also understand that it’s essential to have a point of contact close to your new offices to help you throughout the process. Therefore, when you hire us, you’ll be assigned a Commercial Moving Specialist who will be in a position to manage the details of your move. That way, you can rest assured that your items will arrive in Pottstown, PA safely and on time.

Storage Solutions
Being among the most experienced commercial movers, we believe in providing a comprehensive service package. In addition to offering a team of experienced professionals to load packed items onto the moving truck we also offer commercial storage options for items that don’t yet have a place in your new Pottstown business location:

  • Short-Term Storage – climate-controlled storage facilities that are easily accessible

  • Long-term storage – climate controlled storage facilities that are easily accessible 

Affordable and secure storage will help you avoid overcrowding your new business space with unnecessary items, which can make all the difference as you get organized following a move. Rest assured that L&J Transportation provides first rate facilities for those items which will require storage during relocation. All of our facilities are equipped with state of the art security systems to ensure that your belongings are protected against theft.

Full-Service Packers 
Often the most difficult aspect of relocation a business can be packing. This is especially true for items that are delicate, such as IT equipment or sensitive in nature, as in employee HR Records. Why not leave difficult tasks such as these to the expert commercial movers? We are happy to offer both packing supplies and services to the Pottstown, PA business community.  

On-Time and Efficient 
At L&J Transportation, we also understand the importance of keeping your schedule. That is why we are always committed to moving you quickly and efficiently. There is so much to consider and manage when changing business locations. We want to help you feel at home in Pottstown, as we have done for many other business owners over the years. As one of the most trusted commercial movers in this area, we are confident that we can plan a move tailored to your company’s needs.

To know more about our commercial moving services, do not hesitate to contact us.


L&J Transportation - MOVERS OF CHOICE

At L&J Transportation, whether you're relocating in the same city or taking up residence overseas, we're the movers capable of handling all your moving needs. Our moving company offers a variety of moving services that can be customized based on your specific requirements and we will be here for you each step of the way.

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