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Information For Shippers Moving In Pennsylvania

ESTIMATE - The carrier must give you a written estimate 48 hours prior to the move, unless the shipper agrees, in writing, to a shorter period. The estimate will approximate the amount he believes it will cost you to move your household furnishings. It is important that you inform the estimator of everything you intend to move. The actual charges may be more or less than the estimate.


RATES - If the move is 40 miles or less, the charge will be based on an hourly rate. If the move is over 40 miles, the charge will be based on weight and mileage. You will be required to pay any increase in charges resulting from changes to the carrier's rates between the time of the estimate and the actual move.


INVENTORY - The carrier must complete a detailed inventory listing all items to be moved and their condition. You may waive this requirement, in writing, for moves 40 miles or less. All items must be given an identification number. The inventory must be completed before loading. You should observe and verify the inventory, noting the condition of all items. The carrier must provide you with a copy of the completed inventory before loading and it must be signed by you and the carrier. Upon delivery,you should verify all items in the inventory were delivered and their condition. You should note on the inventory any missing or damaged items. Retain your copy of the inventory until all disputes are settled.


BILL/RECEIPT - The carrier must give you a bill/receipt for the move within 15 days after the delivery date. The bill/receipt must detail all charges for the move. It must also contain copies of the Inventory and the Estimated Cost of Services.


PAYMENT - You will be required to pay the mover's tariff charges. If the mover has not informed you prior to delivery that he will extend credit, the mover will expect you to make payment of the charges at time of delivery in cash, cashier's check or certified check. If the actual charges do not exceed the estimate by more than 10 percent, you must pay all of the actual charges prior to the mover unloading your goods. If the total actual charges exceed the estimate by more than 10 percent, the mover is required to deliver the full and complete shipment upon payment of the estimated charges plus an additional $25, or 10 percent of the estimate, whichever is greater. You may defer paying the balance 15 days after delivery.


LOSS AND DAMAGE COVERAGE - If you sustain a loss or damage to your goods, you are protected only up to but not exceeding 60 cents per pound, per article. If you desire protection greater than 60 cents per pound, per article, you may secure increased coverage by paying a higher tariff rate applicable to the coverage you desire. You may also protect yourself to the full valuation of your goods by taking out a policy of transit insurance with an insurance agent.


PROOF OF DAMAGE/RECEIPT - Upon completion of the delivery, the driver will ask you to sign the delivery receipt. Do not sign any delivery papers until delivery is completed. Before signing, be sure all damage and any lost articles are noted on the receipt or inventory. If the driver will not make such notations, make them yourself before signing. Remember, telling the driver about these things is not enough. Do not sign the delivery receipt if it contains language purpoting to release or discharge the carrier from liability otherwise required by agreement or law. Strike this language out before signing or refuse delivery if the mover refuses to provide delivery receipt.


COMPLAINTS - For complaints and information, contact the PA Public Utility Commission at 1.800.782.1110 or at WWW.PUC.STATE.PA.US. Include the company name and A- # for all complaints.


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