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5 Signs its Time to Move to a New Office: Tips from Commercial Movers

Business owners and managers of all sizes can find themselves in need of more space. If you’ve noticed employees engulfed in files, meeting spaces that are no longer inviting to clients, or a lack of ability to expand your business and workspace, it might be time to find a new office space. If you’ve already started looking up commercial movers in your area, it’s time to make a plan! Consider these five signs it’s time to move. 

  1. You can’t find space for additional desks. If you don’t have adequate room for your employees to work, your employees are likely to become less productive and more frustrated. You might be noticing more mistakes, a slower work pace, and a less happy environment as workers become more stressed in tight quarters.

  2. Your files are piles. To run your business successfully and smoothly, you need to have a handle on where your files and supplies are. When your office becomes disorganized and cluttered, you become less able to respond to records requests during an audit, run long-term reports, and other necessary tasks. You might find yourself running out of space for file cabinets or bookshelves, or looming stacks of file folders piled up along the perimeter of each room. Commercial movers can also help you make sense of these piles, and make a plan to move everything safely to a new space where you can be more organized.

  3. Your office feels more like chaos than comfort. To grow a business or grow relationships with clients, you need to be able to offer a comfortable space to meet and talk. Making a first impression on a new client can become more challenging as your office becomes cramped or cluttered. A change of scenery can give you a fresh start, a fresh look, and the ability to change how it feels when clients come into your office.

  4. You’re out of reach of your clients. Especially for new or small businesses, a first lease is a big milestone—but you might soon outgrow the space you originally selected. You might also find that your clientele is in a different geographic location, or more comfortable in a different neighborhood. You might find that your employees are commuting from other communities, as well.

  5. Your budget no longer makes sense. During a period of growth or expansion, it’s imperative to make wise choices that ensure stable growth. One of those decisions should be having a space that enables you to continue to grow. Take a look at the expense of your current space, and the cost of similar spaces in other neighborhoods. You might find opportunities in newer or developing neighborhoods that will make sense for your budget and your space needs

If you’re seeing these signs in your office, you might feel like it’s time to make a move. But one last consideration is the timing of your move. Make sure to double check the terms of your current lease so that you can minimize the amount of time you spend paying for more than one space.

Your next step is to look up commercial movers and find a good partner for your business needs. Baymeadows Moving and Storage providers comprehensive packing, moving, and storage solutions that are designed for you and your business. Call today to create a custom moving plan and make the move your business needs.

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