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7 Easy Ways to Reduce Moving Costs

Moving is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. There are easy ways to reduce your costs, so whether you’re moving across town or across the country, you’ll be able to set up your new home without going over budget.

Be Flexible with Your Moving Date

April ‒ September is the busiest time of year for moving companies. Demand drops October ‒ March, which makes it the most affordable time to move.

If you can’t wait for winter, try not to schedule your move on a weekend. Weekday rates are always lower. The first and last days of the month are also popular, so avoid them if you can.

Get Multiple Quotes

Talk to at least 3-4 companies before scheduling your move. Moving rates are determined by weight and volume, so before you call, take an inventory of your belongings. The more you can tell them, the easier it will be to estimate your shipping costs.

Make sure you inquire about hidden costs as well. Some companies charge an extra fee to wrap your furniture or carry items up and downstairs. Others charge for using their boxes or dollies.

Negotiate with Your Moving Company

Most moving companies are flexible. If you’ve found one charging a better rate, ask the other companies you’ve contacted to lower theirs. If you can’t find one that fits your budget, see what they can do to accommodate you. Perhaps you might have to change your moving date or haul some items yourself, but few companies are willing to turn away business unless they have to.

Book Your Move as Soon as Possible

Scheduling movers at the last minute is expensive. Book them as far in advance as you can. Once you’ve found someone who can do the move on your preferred date at your preferred price, there’s no point waiting.

Start Packing Early

Movers are more than willing to help you pack, but generally it’s cheaper to do it yourself. However, the longer you wait to start, the less likely it is you’ll finish in time. Depending on the size of your house, you might need a few days or a few weeks to get ready.

Look Around for Free Boxes

Packing boxes don’t cost much, but they’re not free. Instead of going to Walmart or The Home Depot, ask your friends and family if they have any spare boxes lying around. Stores typically have spare boxes as well. Most end up in the trash, but if you ask, they might be willing to give them to you instead.

Declutter Your Home

Before you start packing, take a moment to go through your belongings and discard any unused items, especially if you’re moving long distance. The fewer things you have, the less you’ll pay in shipping fees.

Ask Your Friends to Help

Whether you’re hiring a moving company or handling everything yourself, asking friends to lend a hand is always a good idea. Even if they’re just moving small items and boxes, the more people you have, the faster and smoother it’ll go.

Source: northAmercian Van Lines

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