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8 Tips for Hiring Residential Movers

With multiple options for residential movers, selecting the right company can seem like a daunting task. Obviously, you want excellent services but at a competitive rate. To avoid scams and hire the best company for your upcoming move, the following eight tips will help.

  1. Inventory of Your Goods– As part of the services offered, a reputable moving company will take an inventory of all your goods. Therefore, make sure a company representative comes to your home to determine the weight and bulk of your belongings. Based on that, the individual should provide you with a written estimate outlining the cost as well as every item included.

  2. Assessment– Have at least three residential movers provide an assessment of your belongings. You want to eliminate the ones from your list of candidates that walk through quickly without asking questions.

  3. Deposit– Regardless of how good a moving company seems or how persuasive it is, never pay a large deposit. In fact, the best moving companies do not ask for any deposit at all. Typically, you pay only after the company delivers your goods, never in advance.

  4. Changed Name– When conducting research on different residential movers, avoid those that have recently gone through a name change. Although there might be a valid reason, sometimes, companies that get a lot of complaints with the Better Business Bureau will change their name to hide that fact.

  5. References– Before making your decision, always get references on any moving company of interest. You can contact various organizations for information, including the American Moving and Storage Association. If a moving company hesitates to offer references, think twice about hiring it.

  6. Additional Fees– Make sure that you ask about extra fees for things like stairs, narrow streets, limited parking, elevators, and so on.

  7. Contract Execution– No matter how convincing a company is, never sign a blank contract. Honest and well-respected residential movers will only execute contracts that are 100 percent completed. However, even when a contract is filled out with all of the pertinent information, make sure that you read and understand every word before signing.

  8. Insurance Protection– It is essential that you hire movers who provide the best type of liability insurance. For optimal protection, you always want full value coverage, also known as full replacement insurance. That way, if you have to file a claim, you are awarded the amount it would cost to replace the item, not the amount you originally spent to purchase it.

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