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Advice from Moving Companies in Reading, PA: Preparing for an International Move

As you can imagine, a lot more goes into an international move compared to moving local or long distance. Whether you plan to relocate overseas for personal or business reasons, L&J Transportation, one of the top moving companies in Reading, PA, has some advice that can help. The information provided will not only help streamline the process but also keep you safe. 

  • Embassy Registration– Many foreign countries participate in the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). When moving somewhere without family or friends nearby, you should register with your embassy to take advantage of this program. With STEP, the State Department communicates critical information in the case of an emergency. 

  • Research Cultural Expectations and Customs– It will take time to acclimate to your new surroundings. However, the best moving companies in Reading, PA recommend that you research the cultural expectations and customs for your destination. The reason is that some of the gestures, words, and clothing that are accepted in the United States might be offensive in a foreign country. You want to be yourself but also respect your new home.

  • Vaccinations– Because some vaccinations require time to take effect, it is imperative that you contact your primary care physician as soon as you have a date for your move. Your doctor will determine the type of shots you need based on your destination. On this subject, L&J Transportation, one of the most respected of all moving companies in Reading, PA, recommends that you have your doctor provide you with a completed International Certificate of Vaccination, also called a Prophylaxis booklet. This is true even if you have no required shots. Depending on your foreign destination, the country might not let you in without it. 

  • Visa Requirements– By searching online, you can quickly determine if the country requires a visa. Although this process is relatively fast, make it a priority when planning your move just in case something goes awry. 

  • New Language– While no one expects you to become fluent in a foreign language overnight, it would be helpful to learn some of the most commonly used words and phrases before your move. 

Your Most Trusted Movers  There are many reasons people consider L&J Transportation one of the best moving companies in Reading, PA. For local, long-distance, and international moves, we provide top rated services at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more.

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