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Commercial Movers DIY Packing Tips

The easiest packing solution during an office move is to seek professional packing services from qualified commercial movers. They have the expertise and access to packing supplies to ensure all assets are secure and protected. However, business budget constraints may not always allow for this type of service. If you choose to pack the contents of your office on your own, the following tips will help keep things organized: Begin Early It can be stressful if you decide to start packing on the day before the move. It can be difficult to determine the exact number of items you will need to pack, so it is best to leave yourself plenty of time to complete the job. Create a plan that breaks the packing down into small pieces and will also suit your schedule. You can begin by packing the supplies you don’t use often. Items that are used on a daily basis need to be packed last, so you don’t interfere with the activities of your business.

Choose the Right Boxes Many people who decide to pack on their own tend to place heavy appliances and equipment in boxes that are donated or left over from another task to save money. Commercial movers know this is a mistake because there is no guarantee that these boxes will hold up to the weight of the item. For large or expensive equipment, it is best to purchase more stable boxes that are intended to be used for this purpose. Lightweight and less valuable items can be placed in reused boxes to help cut costs.

Don’t Empty Your Office Drawers By leaving the lighter items in the drawers, you save your commercial movers so much effort and time. Apart from that, this will help you save money since you will not need to acquire extra boxes. However, it is recommended that sensitive paperwork or fragile items be removed to avoid the chance of them becoming lost or damaged.  

Do Not Pack Air Make sure all the empty boxes are filled completely so your items are securely packed. Leaving pockets of air may result in broken items from items shifting during transit. It is advisable to make use of packing papers to fill the empty spots. If you don’t have them, you can use other alternatives such as the newspaper, scrap copy paper, and towels. You can also check with your commercial movers to see if they have packaging available for purchase. You’ll know that your box is well-packed if you feel some resistance when closing it.

Label All Boxes Make sure you mark every box with the contents and destination on both sides so your commercial movers can know how to handle them and where they should be delivered. Make the notes as detailed as possible to save time during the unpacking process. Missing boxes that are delivered to the wrong office will cause delays in setting things up and postpone the start up of operations in the new building.

Be Ready Make sure everything is packed before the movers are scheduled to arrive. Dissemble furniture, prep appliances, and unplug all electronics so the professionals can load them on to the truck quickly and efficiently. 

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