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Commercial Moving Company Tips for a Successful Office Move

While the thought of moving your office without help from a commercial moving company may cross your mind, after more consideration, you may realize the job is far beyond your capabilities. Whether you need to move a small, one-person office or a corporation with 100 employees, it is essential that you hire top-rated movers. Either way, the move requires a tremendous amount of work. 

For an office move with little to no disruption of operations, consider the following tips: 

  • Moving Company– It is crucial to hire a commercial moving company with a   reputation for outstanding customer service and experienced personnel. You want experts you trust to help with each step of the process. Ultimately, you want to hire a company that will meet, if not exceed, your expectations and at a price that fits your budget. 

  • Excellent Planning– Formulating a well outlined plan is the second most vital step to any successful office move. Instead of stressing about the work involved, you can relax knowing that the professional movers will provide all the support you need. As part of the planning phase, your point of contact with the moving company will determine the type and quantity of supplies required. That individual will also work with you on creating a plan for handling the phone system, computers, fax machines, copiers, and sensitive IT equipment. In fact, the company representative will work with you on devising a way to keep your employees up to date on the logistics of the move. 

  • Designated Moving Coordinators– To keep things organized and your business operations running optimally during the moving phase, designate one person from each department to serve as a move coordinator. That individual will serve as the liaison between you and the respective employees. This strategy will reduce stress and streamline the overall moving process. 

  • Good Communication– Whether communicating with the moving company point of contact, designated moving coordinators, individual employees, or outside vendors, concise communication is imperative. 

  • Organization– Even though the movers from the commercial moving company will keep things organized, you also need to do your part. Create a master file in which you maintain a current blueprint or layout of the new office space to help with the placement of equipment and desks, a list of items to go into off-site storage, vendor names and phone numbers. 

  • Intranet– If you have an intranet, use it. With a lot of activity during a move, people likely misplace paper documents. Instead, send important messages to inside personnel via the intranet. That will make it easy for them to retrieve the information using a computer or mobile device. 

By following the above tips and clearly communicating with your commercial moving company, you will be sure to have a successful office move with minimal downtime. If you need help planning your next office move, contact the trusted movers at L&J Transportation to arrange a free, no-obligation estimate.  

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