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Debunking Myths About Full Service Movers

Many people find evaluating full-service movers difficult. While the internet offers a wealth of information, unfortunately, not all of it is true. When hiring a moving company to help with a residential or commercial move, you should take a few minutes to understand some of the more critical debunked myths. This way, you ultimately choose the right company.

They Are All the Same– Although most companies offer similar services and make many of the same claims, they are not all equal. Before hiring just any moving company, do your research. Start by identifying at least three reputable full-service movers. From there, gather information about their history, reputation, services, customer feedback, pricing, and so on. Going through this exercise will help you choose the best company for your specific needs.

Poor Planning– Another debunked myth is that moving companies do not plan well and, because of that, you can expect a chaotic experience. In truth, a reputable company will stress the importance of proper planning and even work closely with you to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. When moving during Thanksgiving, you can use all the extra help with planning possible.

Any Boxes Will Do– The quality of the boxes used for moving matters. If you get boxes yourself, make sure they are high quality, meaning they are void of stains, rips, and tears. You can also have the movers provide boxes and have them pack on your behalf.

Labeling Is No Big Deal– Whether you pack or have the moving company that you hire pack for you, with a good labeling system, the boxes end up in their designated space at your new home or business. Also, you can quickly identify the contents inside.

Insurance Covers Everything– Do not believe that basic insurance covers everything. The best full-service movers provide details about the available insurance options, including basic coverage. However, instead of protecting all your goods, this type of insurance only pays for a portion of lost or damaged items. Instead, opt for full replacement value insurance so that if something of yours gets lost, damaged, or destroyed during the moving process, you can replace it at the current value. For example, if you purchased a laptop computer for $600 two years ago but it gets damaged during transit, full value protection will cover the cost of replacing it today, even if the new price is $1,000.

L & J Transportation is a full-service mover with years of experience and unparalleled expertise. For help with your upcoming move, visit our website or call to speak with a representative directly.

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