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Packing Your Books, Hobby items, and Collectibles - Tips From Professional Movers for Your Next Move

Professional Movers in Pottstown, PA and Beyond

When you need to move yourself or your family, the challenges of finding the right home in the right new neighborhood, accessing the right utilities, and ensuring continuity in your job or your kids’ education takes precedence over smaller needs. Making sure every item in your household gets packed securely and correctly is probably pretty low on your to-do list, compared to your other needs! 

Professional movers know that you have a lot on your plate when you’re planning to move your household. At L&J, we offer comprehensive packing, moving, and storage services to be sure that we can help with any services and needs you have as you plan your move. The easiest way to get your home packed up is to enlist the professional movers at L&J to do it for you. We used an organized system of packing and labeling boxes so we can be sure unpacking will be a breeze, too.

If you decide to pack up your home yourself, you can still pack like a pro. Books, hobby items, and collectibles are items which are often packed last or with the least packing material; we tend to think more about kitchen items like glassware, or art, or electronics when we think about being careful as we pack. But books and collectibles are equally likely to be damaged when not packed correctly.

Our team of professional movers offered these tips to help you pack:

Use good boxes. If you’re packing your own home, you might be tempted to reuse boxes from other purposes, or accept donated boxes from friends or businesses. There’s nothing wrong with reusing boxes, but make sure they’re in good shape. Inspect each box and decide what can be packed in it. Especially for books, which are both heavy and delicate, you might want to invest in heavy-duty cardboard boxes from your moving company.

Line your boxes. Professional movers have seen homeowners who pack their own boxes often forget this vital step. Lining the bottom, sides, and using a layer of packing materials on top of boxes helps to keep the items safer during moving. It also helps to fill any void spaces left in the box, which can cause items to shift or damage each other during transit.

Pack books vertically. Often, homeowners will pack books, comic books, collectors’ albums, and other flat items by laying them down in the bottom of the box. When these items are flat, they’re more likely to be damaged or for the spine to break. Pack books and other items spine down in the box, so that they are lying vertically. This helps to protect the binding and the shape of the object from wear.

Don’t overfill. With books and other heavy items, it can be easy to just keep stacking them into a box where there’s room. Heavy boxes are more likely to break, and more likely to strain your back if you move the box. Packing lighter boxes helps make sure that the box doesn’t get dropped or damaged.

The professional movers at L&J know that if you’re moving your household, you have a lot more on your mind than just your collectibles! We can help you pack, and provide you with any additional services needed. Professional movers know the best way to pack all the items in your home, and can increase the security of each item during your move.

Get started with L&J by contacting us today for your free quote.

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