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Don't Settle for Just Any Relocation Services

As soon as they learn about an upcoming relocation, many people panic. Without first getting their thoughts organized and making a list, they contact the first moving company they find and lock into a contract. Unfortunately, that is a big mistake that often has disastrous results. Instead of settling for the first moving company you come across, there are several things to consider.

  • Details– If you need professional relocation services as part of a move with your company, start by talking to someone in Human Resources to see if you need to use a specific source. Sometimes, businesses have contracts with movers while others do not. You will also need to get information about the date of the move, whether you will get assistance with temporary or permanent housing, and so on. Based on the details and whether you get to choose your own company, you can then begin your research.

  • Specialized Services– Relocation services are typically different from standard moving. They often include specialized services such as getting help finding a new place to live, receiving information about local businesses like hospitals, grocery stores, and dry cleaners. If you need to find a moving company to assist, make sure you select one that specializes in employee relocations.

  • Customization– Something else of importance is that no two relocations are ever the same. For that reason, you want to hire a company that sees you as a valued customer as opposed to just another “job.” When working with a reputable company, you should expect personalized assistance and an overall plan created based on what you need.

  • Point of Contact– When moving to another state or country, the company that provides the relocation services should give you the name of someone who will serve as your point of contact from beginning to end. That way, if you have any questions or concerns, you have one person to turn to at any time instead of getting the run-around.

  • Discounted Prices– Today, many of the top moving companies that help relocate military and business personnel offer discounted prices or uniquely packaged deals. Rather than paying more than you should, choose movers with a history of excellent service and reduced pricing if your situation warrants it.

When it comes to employee relocation services, remember that they can be different from more traditional movers. Be sure to seek out a full-service moving company that can assist you in making the process a smooth transition. 

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