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Expert Movers in Philadelphia Offer These Tips for Moving with Pets

You've just found out you're being transferred to another city, which of course means moving your family, everything you own, and of course Rover too. You've arranged for the best movers in Philadelphia to take care of packing your household goods and shipping them to your new home. Everything is ready at the other end, the new house bought or rented, the utilities are on, and you are ready to go. Or are you? What arrangements have you made to take care of Rover while he is cooped up in the car with you for the whole trip? Here are four things you can do to make sure Rover has a pleasant move. 

The Porta-Kennel

If you have never used a porta-kennel, by the time you are a short distance into your drive, you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Although many dogs love going for a ride in the car, there are just as many who don't. By giving Rover a cozy place to "nest" in, he will soon settle in. The kennel also provides a safe place to secure Rover when you have to leave the car for a few minutes.

Make Sure Rover is Ready

If Rover is already used to going for long rides in the car, this trip should be just like all the rest. On the other hand, if he isn't, you need to break him in to riding in the car slowly. Start with short rides and give Rover time to get used to being in the car, along with the sights, smells, and sounds along the way.

Tag Your Pooch

Movers in Philadelphia say that if you haven't had Rover microchipped, now is a good time. Be sure you give the vet your new address to enter into the system. Be sure his collar has a tag with all the relevant information like your cell number on it. If by some misfortune Rover should become separated from his family, the person who finds him will have a way to find you and reunite the family.

Create a Doggy Bug Out Bag

You put together a moving bag for yourself, your spouse, and the kids, but aren't you forgetting someone? What about Rover? He needs his own bug-out bag. It should include food, treats, a container of fresh water, bowls for Rover to use, some treats, and a few toys. Be sure to include any meds he is on and a blanket.

Here at L&J, our goal is to ensure every step of your move goes perfectly. We offer professional packing services, the finest moving services in modern trucks, and are here to help you every step of the way. For the finest movers in Philadelphia, contact L&J Transportation at (610) 327-3100 and talk to our experts today!

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