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Getting an Accurate Estimate When Using Professional Office Movers

When relocating your business, regardless of size or industry, it is essential that you get an accurate estimate. Otherwise, you could find yourself paying far more than anticipated. Sometimes, the final price of a move is significantly different from the initial estimate, which is what you want to avoid. With a little bit of education, you can hire the right office movers for a fair price.

Licensing and Insurance – Identify at least three potential office movers, and then verify that they have proper licensing and insurance. By doing so, you will quickly see if one has a significantly lower price than the others. More than likely, the company that provides a low-ball figure is only trying to get your business with no real interest in providing you with stellar service. Therefore, eliminate that moving company from your list of prospects.

On-Site Estimate – Once you have a couple of potential office movers selected, request an estimator to perform an on-site assessment. The estimators will come to your business, assess the type and volume of items involved, and then give you an estimate as to the overall cost, including any add-on services. If you contact a company and the person you speak with insists on giving you an estimate over the phone, consider that a red flag. With price based on weight, you can only trust an on-site estimate.

Provide the Estimator with Information – During each on-site estimate, make sure that you provide as much information as possible. For instance, if your new office location has stairs, elevators, narrow hallways, tight corners, and so on, the moving company needs to know.

Reveal Everything – Also, make sure that you show the estimators everything that you need to have moved. In other words, open closets, outbuildings, basements, and so on. That way, you will get a more accurate estimate.

Add-On Services – Sometimes, estimators push add-on services that you do not need. However, they will do whatever they can to convince you that these services are essential for your type of move. Unless you want to pay for additional services, you may need to stand your ground.

Inventory Sheet - Before the estimators show up, create an inventory sheet of everything getting transported. When they finish their assessment, ask for a copy of their inventory so that you can compare the two.

Fortunately, professional office movers will go out of their way to provide a fair estimate followed by excellent services. However, as the customer, you have to be careful and perform a little due diligence.

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