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Getting Prepared Before Professional Packers and Movers Show Up

After conducting extensive online research, you finally decided on professional movers and packers. As part of your decision, you chose several add-on services to help streamline the moving process. Although the team of movers will handle a great deal of the work, there are still some things that you need to do in preparation for them showing up. Ultimately, you will benefit in the long run.

Purge– Take time to purge your home of unwanted or unused items, going through closets, drawers, cabinets, the garage, and so on, pulling out things that you no longer need. Whether you have a garage sale, give the items to family members or friends, take them to a recycling center, or toss them in the trash, the fewer number of things moved, the easier and less expensive the entire process will be.

Eliminate Un-packable Items– Even the best packers and movers will not transport specific items. For example, they will not take perishable foods, plants, hazardous materials, and anything else that would pose a problem or risk. Before the moving team arrives, give away or dispose of those things.

Inventory List– Create an inventory of everything getting moved. Also, note any damage to pieces and photograph your more valuable possessions. Once the packers and movers unload your belongings at the new address, you have something to go by to make sure that everything arrived in the same condition it was in when it was packed and loaded onto the truck. If you find an item missing or damaged, you can then file a claim with the moving company.

Pack-Free Zone– Designate an area or room in the home as a “pack-free zone.” Within that space, put anything that you prefer to pack and move. For instance, you could put firearms, family heirlooms, personal documents, travel bags, and other items in the zone so that the movers know to leave those things alone.

Essentials Bags– If you plan to move across town, you will not need an essentials bag, but when going a long distance, you should prepare an essentials bag for each member of the family, including pets. Inside, pack several changes of clothes, toiletries, medication, snacks and bottled water, pet food, leashes, bedding, a first-aid kit, toys, and whatever else you deem necessary. Whether staying in a hotel for a few days or an empty house before the packers and movers deliver your belongings, you have everything you need for comfort.

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