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Getting Settled When Moving into a New House

It can take a lot of preparation and planning to move to a new home. But what happens once you arrive and the movers leave? Unfortunately, you need to create a plan for this part of your move as well. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Here are four things you should do to get settled when moving into a new house:

  • Unpack. Those boxes won’t empty themselves! It’s important to make a schedule for unpacking your home so you can truly settle in. Take it one room at a time if you must, and start with those items in each room that you need most. Try to give yourself a deadline so months after the move, you’re not still staring at boxes. If you need assistance unpacking or removing boxes and debris from your home, North American Van Lines can help .

  • Set up utilities, TV and Internet services. To really settle into your new home, you need electricity! And of course, those of us in the modern age also consider TV and Internet necessities.

  • Make some changes. You’re moving to a brand new home, and possibly a brand new city, state and/or country! Why let the changes stop there? Immediately upon arrival, look into changing the locks on your new home. This is a safety issue more than anything else, as previous owners, their friends/family and realtors have had access to your key in the past. In addition, head to the nearest post office (or visit the U.S. Postal Service’s website) and make your move official by requesting a change of address.

  • Get your bearings. When moving into a new house, it’s likely you aren’t familiar with the surrounding area. The best way to correct that? Explore! Drive a few miles in each direction and locate the nearest grocery store, restaurants, retailers and more.

If you’re moving into a new house, be sure you know exactly what you’ll do once you get there. For assistance with your move – including unpacking and help getting settled – contact L&J Transportation today!

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