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How to Compare Moving and Storage Companies

Getting to Know the Moving and Storage Companies in Your Area

The more moving and storage companies come up in your Google search, the more bewildered you might feel about who to pick and what they offer. You might be more familiar with comparison shopping in terms of trying to select a new television or choosing a restaurant for dinner. The good news is, finding the moving and storage companies who are best equipped to help you with your next move doesn’t have to be more challenging than that! 

The best way to know which moving and storage companies are right for you is to have a good understanding of the services you need, your budget, and the timeline on which you want to move.

  1. What services do you need? You might want help packing, need packing materials provided to you, or choose a more DIY-style move and do the packing yourself. You might need movers who have special equipment to move pianos, exercise equipment, or fine art. You might need movers who can also offer you storage solutions, vehicle moving, or furniture assembly as part of your moving plan. Whatever services you need help with during your move, having a checklist of your needs in front of you as you look for vendors and receive quotes can help you figure out which moving and storage companies can actually meet your needs.

  2. What is your budget? Have a ballpark number in your head of the amount of money you’re comfortable spending on getting help from moving and storage companies. Knowing your number in advance can help you stay away from big sales pitches that take you outside of your financial comfort zone.

  3. What is your timeline? One of the easiest ways to weed out potential moving and storage companies who won’t be able to assist you is to ask them about their availability. Especially if there are particular days or times of day when you need to schedule your move, asking about a company’s availability can tell you right away if they’ll be able to help execute your moving plan.

Once you understand these three facets of your move, you can start looking for local moving and storage companies that might be able to help you with your move. It’s a good idea to ask at least three companies for quotes so that you can understand the general pricing of moving services for your type of move, and be sure you aren’t getting overpriced by the vendor you pick.

Remember that you can always contact the moving and storage experts at L&J for your free quote. We’re happy to work within your budget and your timeline, and we provide comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and logistical services.

To learn more about L&J’s moving services, contact us today.

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