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Hiring a Relocation Company

Are the Criteria for Hiring a Relocation Company the Same as a Standard Moving Company? In response to the question of whether the criteria for hiring a relocation company are the same as hiring a standard moving company, the answer is both yes and no. Both types of companies help move individuals, families, and businesses from one location to another, so in that respect, they are much the same. However, there are also several differences that you should consider. For one thing, relocation companies specialize in moving people and businesses who are relocating for work-related issues, meaning they are packing up and going to a new part of town, city, state, or even country. Often, this type of move is more involved, and for that reason, you need to hire a company that focuses specifically on relocation services. As an example, if a business plans to relocate to a new city (which involves the majority of employees moving as well) the company that you hire must be proficient in both planning and organization. To be successful in the services provided, the movers deal with a tremendous number of logistical aspects. As imagined, this requires someone with years of experience and expertise. With regular moving services, a person or business gets information on several candidates, has an in-home assessment performed, obtains a written estimate, chooses the best option, and then schedules the move. With relocation services, the process is more involved. Typically, after hiring a company that specializes in this type of move, a point of contact is assigned. From day one, that person serves as the liaison, ensuring that every aspect of the move goes off without a hitch. Another difference is that a company that helps relocate a business is responsible for disconnecting all IT and other office equipment. That equipment is then wrapped appropriately, transported to the new address, and then reconnected as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent significant downtime. If a company is without its servers, it cannot conduct business as usual, which has a tremendous impact on operations and profit. As experts in this field, relocating teams move swiftly but without overlooking critical details. Also, most relocation services include packing, unpacking, and even temporary storage as needed. With a standard moving company, you have the option of choosing various add-on services, whereas commercial companies that relocate individuals and businesses include everything in the price. As full-service movers, all you need to do is coordinate activity on your end to ensure that you have your employees ready for moving day.

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