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How to Pack Electronics for a Move - Tips from Experienced Pennsylvania Movers

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At L&J Transportation, we know that the most stressful part of a move is making sure your household items stay safe and secure during transit. We offer top-quality packing and moving services to help you make sure that each item in your home makes the journey safely. Our local Pennsylvania movers will treat each item like it’s their own, and make sure it’s packed properly. Our teams also use labeling and color coding strategies to make sure each box gets unloaded into the correct room in your new home, making unpacking a breeze. 

If you’ve decided to take on the responsibilities of packing and unpacking for your next move, it’s important to be knowledgeable about the types of items most commonly damaged during a move. One category of those items is electronics. Because electronics are generally fragile, as well as expensive to replace, packing your electronics safely is an investment worth making for your next move.

In general, it’s worth investing in new, heavy-duty boxes and packing paper for any fragile or delicate items you own. Most Pennsylvania movers can sell you the boxes, paper, tape, and any other packing materials you might need. With electronics, the best tactic is to hang onto original boxes and reuse them whenever possible. If the original boxes or packing materials aren’t available, try to use boxes that are of a similar size. Leaving too much void space around an item (by using too big of a box) makes it easier for that item to shake, rattle, or move around during transport, increasing the likelihood of damage or wear and tear.

Another consideration for your electronic items is the temperature at which they are stored. Talk with your Pennsylvania movers about how to maintain an even temperature for heat- or cold-sensitive items during a move. The items that are most likely to be impacted by temperature changes are usually labeled with directives about how hot or cold the item can be without damage.

As you pack boxes, make sure to fill in any void areas with crumpled moving paper, bubble wrap, or air packs. You should also line each box on the sides, top, and bottom with bubble wrap. Try not to overpack boxes or make them overly heavy. Label each box clearly as fragile, and which side should be facing upward. Your Pennsylvania movers will take note of these directions, and keep each box secure during your move.

To learn more about keeping your electronics and fragile items safe during a move, contact L&J to learn more about our moving and packing services.

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