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Moving out of state? Expert tips from the packers and movers at L&J Transportation

Moving long distances can feel more stressful than shorter moves; interstate and international moves require more planning and additional logistics helps than shorter moves. But there are ways to make the move more manageable. Here are some tips from the expert packers and movers at L&J.

Make a plan   

Long moves need planning on two essential items: the timeline that the move will take place, and a checklist of each step you need to take to complete the move. A mover can help you plan the timeline of when your items will be picked up and when they will be deposited into your new home, but you’ll also need to consider when to turn utilities on and off at each residence, when to receive and return keys for each residence, and other steps. Keeping a timeline of each event, and a checklist of any resources you need to complete each step, will help keep you organized.

Write out a budget

Because moving out of state has many steps, it’s easy for expenditures to add up. Once you’ve written your timeline and checklist, you can clearly see which items will have an associated cost. Create your budget based on your timeline, and on the quote from your packers and movers, and you can be assured of the total cost of your move.

Take inventory

Even once you’ve enlisted the help of packers and movers, you’ll want to be in control of all of your items. It helps to make an inventory list of pieces of furniture and numbers of boxes that should be moved into each room of your new home. Take photos of any expensive, antique, or valuable items so that you have proof of their condition prior to moving.

Don’t forget the details

Expert packers and movers can also help with vehicle transportation, moving antiques, moving a piano, and other odds and ends that can feel like major hurdles to jump over. Be sure that you’ve included all of your household items in your inventory, and that as you get quotes from moving companies, their quote contains accurate information for you and your household.

Find the right packers and movers for you

It helps to get quotes from multiple movers, but bear in mind that to have an interstate move go smoothly will require a company with experience. Ask questions of the moving company representative like whether or not they also handle international moves, or what special services they offer to help with an interstate move. Also, ask if they are licensed, bonded, and insured. You can check the Better Business Bureau website to learn more about a company before you sign the contract.

If you’re looking for assistance in making an interstate move, contact the friendly staff at L&J Transportation to learn more about our long distance moving services

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