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Moving Services: Why They Are Not Created Equal

When it comes to moving services, many people think they are all the same. In reality, there are several differences. Therefore, it is essential to research several different companies before making your final selection. Because of the differences, it is important to make comparisons in services so that you choose the best source.

Start by considering the different types of available companies, the services offered, pricing structure, and so on. Any move is a significant event, so hiring a reputable company is essential for a positive experience.

Rental Companies Versus Full-Service Movers

You can rent a truck from a rental company, but you would then have the responsibility of seeking physical help from family members and friends with loading and unloading while other moving companies do it all. A rental company only provides the vehicle to facilitate your move. In comparison, a professional moving company uses a team of experienced workers who come to your home or business to pack your items, load, transport, and unload, and then unpack everything at the new location. These companies also provide all of the boxes, packing material, and other supplies you’ll need for the move.

Standard Versus Add-On Services

You will also discover that not all companies provide packing and unpacking moving services. In other words, they only offer minimal services as opposed to add-ons. Although you might not be interested in having someone pack and unpack your possessions, it is nice to know that this option exists if needed. That way, if you get behind schedule or feel overwhelmed with all of the work in front of you, can get the help you need.

Employees Versus Day Laborers

Top-rated companies use employees rather than seasonal or temporary day laborers. That does not mean that the latter would do a poor job, but you can expect a higher caliber of service from a company with real full-time employees. As employees, they go through extensive training and overall, take a more professional and dedicated approach to the work they perform. Therefore, if you want your belongings handled with care, it is always in your best interest to choose a company that has a team of actual employees.

Transport Only Companies

Transport moving services also vary. Some companies only deliver, meaning that you have the responsibility of packing and loading a shipping container. Once packed, the company picks it up and takes it to your new home or business. While there are some advantages to renting a container, that decision leaves you needing physical support for loading and unloading. However, the best movers provide labor for an additional fee.

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