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Packing Tips for Moving Antiques and Fine Art from Your Phoenixville Movers

No matter how careful you are or how good your intentions are, packing and moving your antiques by yourself can be very risky. When you have expensive, delicate, or rare items to move, your best bet is to hire professional Phoenixville movers to do the job. Top quality moving companies often have teams of highly specialized experts who have the training and equipment needed to ensure your valuables are properly packed to arrive safely. Some even go so far as to provide or build custom crates for each item for added protection. 

Providing You with an Estimate and Your Insurance Options

Once the representative from your choice of Phoenixville movers has completed his assessment of your valuable items, he can then work to create a moving plan and provide you with an estimate. Part of this estimate should include your insurance options. Even if you decide to buy full-value coverage from the moving company, you should still consider buying your own insurance coverage from a private provider. This way, you can be sure you have the right coverage should anything happen. Be sure to complete an inventory and take photographs of everything before it is packed.

How Your Antiques are Treated

When it comes to antiques, professional packers will take each item and carefully wrap it using packing paper (never newspaper) or bubble wrap, crates, or blankets. The intent is to ensure that each piece is adequately protected from dents, scratches, and any other type of damage.

Once packed, a team of experts along with a specialized dolly will move each item to the loading area and from there into the moving truck. After they are in the truck, moving blankets are used to protect them, and they will be anchored in place using adjustable tie-downs to ensure they don't move around. If your items are packed in crates, other things may be stacked on top to save room.

How Your Fine Art is Treated

If you still have it, the packers will use the original packaging for your fine art. In the event the original packaging is not available, each item can be wrapped using a special type of packing material that is secured in place using a special tape. Alternatively, items may be placed in crates or a "picture box." For larger items that can be rolled and placed in a telescope box. If you have any particularly valuable items, most Phoenixville movers will place them in custom-built crates for better protection.

Before your fine artworks are packed, corner protectors are installed to protect them from nicks, dings, or scratches. Several layers of "smooth paper" are next, allowing your artworks to breathe. This is followed by several layers of bubble wrap taped in place before being covered with packing blankets and placed in a shipping crate. Items with hanging hardware are packed face to face in the truck to protect them from damaging each other. 

If you have any questions about packing and moving your fine art and antiques, contact L&J Transportation your Phoenixville movers at (610) 327-3100 and let us send one of our expert estimators to your home or place of business.

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