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Tips for Getting an Accurate Quote from a Long Distance Moving Company

One of the things that most people worry about most when it comes to hiring a long distance moving company is getting a fair and accurate estimate. Although not always, a significant number of people who move need to stick to a budget. Therefore, if the final invoice ends up higher than quoted, it can cause considerable financial strain. Fortunately, the tips provided will ensure that you get an accurate quote so that you know precisely what you will pay. 

Hire the Right Company While most long distance moving companies are honest, unfortunately, some use dishonest practices. For that reason, it is imperative that you hire a reputable mover. You will get not only an accurate quote but also excellent service. Comparing what several moving companies offer along with their reputation is worth the time and effort in the long run.

Estimator Also, request to have the moving company send an estimator to your home or business. That person’s role is to look at all the items to move and then provide you with an estimate based on the findings. Instead of guesswork, you get a solid estimate. Remember, the final cost when using a long distance moving company depends on the weight of your possessions. Along with that, the estimator will factor in the total distance for your specific move.

Terminology When requesting a quote from a long distance moving company, ask for either a “binding moving estimate” or “binding not to exceed moving estimate.” With a binding moving estimate, you get to hold the mover to the price it quoted you. That way, you can work around your budget easier. However, if the final cost comes in lower than the estimate or your belongings weigh less, you are still responsible for paying the estimated price. In other words, if your binding moving estimate was $3,000 but your move only cost $2,600, you still pay the higher dollar amount.

On the other hand, if you get a binding not to exceed moving estimate, the long distance moving company guarantees the quoted dollar amount. Therefore, if the total cost of your move exceeds the quote, you pay the lower price. For instance, if the quote is $3,000 but your move ends up costing $3,700, you pay $3,000.

Reduce Your Moving Expense With a little information, you can save on your upcoming move. That way, you can budget better and likely have more money in the end than anticipated.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Sep 20, 2021

I agree with you in all senses, if your contract says you have to pay $3000 for cross country moving and after the completion of the move if the cross country moving company is asking you to pay more. Then, at that moment, don't pay a single penny to them and show them the contract.

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