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Tips For Hiring a Commercial Moving and Storage Company

Although there are many similarities between a residential and commercial moving and storage company, there are also several significant differences. If you think about it, not only is the volume of items to move greater, but also more expensive. If you need a portion of or all of your business moved, it is imperative that you hire a company with experience and expertise specific to commercial moves.

Commercial moves pose additional concerns, such as production downtime, the transfer of vital computer equipment and services, the disconnection and reconnection of telephone equipment and services, security for proprietary documentation, and more. Then, when you add in all of the furniture, lamps, artwork, filing cabinets, and other heavy items, you can see why hiring the right company is so important.

Obviously, you will pay a higher price for commercial moving and storage services, but when you compare that cost to what you lose in downtime and disorganization, it is a worthwhile investment. The right moving company is well-organized and excellent with planning, but it also performs duties on schedule while staying within the agreed-upon budget. In the end, your business gets moved to its new location quickly and efficiently.

If you need to hire a commercial moving and storage company, always request formal proposals as far in advance as possible. For this, you want to send out notices to the top movers, asking them to respond. By doing so, some movers will get into a bidding war, which is good for your bottom line but without compromising on the quality of the services you get. For instance, to secure a contract, a moving company may throw in additional services at no extra cost.

Something important to consider is that in most cases, commercial movers include a contingency factor to their firm proposal. For you, the potential customer, that could increase overall cost. Therefore, when requesting a firm price, especially if the move is big, ask the company for a separate price proposal for each department. If you want to move your business over an extended period, one department at a time, then ask for a price proposal for each segment.

If you are still up in the air as to what items you want to have moved, ask the commercial moving and storage companies on your short list for an estimate that includes either an hourly rate for itemized prices or a stated tariff discount. To save money on an extra-large move and for greater flexibility, you always need to get a non-binding proposal.

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