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Tips From International Movers

When planning to move overseas, most people feel confused and overwhelmed. Considering that an international move is different than moving across town, it is easy to understand why. If you plan to relocate to a different country, the tips provided by some the best international movers will help answer some of your primary questions. Ultimately, you will feel calmer about the upcoming experience.

Command Post– Designate an area of your home to serve as a command post. That way, important documents, lists, and other critical information are not lost or misplaced. You end up with one area or room where you do your planning, make phone calls, and store documents. Being organized will eliminate a great deal of unnecessary stress and help keep you on task.

Master List– Preferably using a computer program like Excel, create a master list of everything that you need to accomplish. The top international movers state that you might even ask the moving company that you hire for a list, as they often have a comprehensive one that works well. Either way, the goal is to keep track of every detail. Not only do you end up with a list of things to do, but you’ll also know what you’ve already accomplished.

Doctor and Dentist Appointments– International movers also suggest that you make appointments for every member of the family with their applicable doctors and dentists. Since it may take some time to locate a new physician and dentist after your move, this gives you the opportunity to make sure that everyone is healthy. You can also get all of the family’s medical and dental records, have prescriptions filled, and get any required immunizations.

Pet Care – If taking one or more pets overseas, you also need to take them to the veterinarian for a wellness check, vaccines, and prescriptions. For dogs that require grooming, add that to your list as well.

Important Documentation– You need to obtain copies of your kids’ school records and any court documents. Also, put a file together that contains everyone’s birth certificates, marriage license, insurance policies, school diplomas, warranty papers on vehicles, appliances, electronics, and so on, as well as any naturalization certificates. As part of this, place current visas and passports in the file until you’re ready to leave the country.

Donate, Recycle, and Toss– International movers recommend taking the time to go through your items, donating, recycling, and tossing out anything that you no longer want or need. By doing so, you have less to deal with when arriving at your overseas home, but this also reduces the overall cost of the move.

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