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Tips on Moving with Small Children From Movers in Philadelphia

Moving with small children can be challenging, but Philadelphia is a city that is rich in history, culture and family fun! Once your movers in Philadelphia have delivered your household goods to your new location, you will be busy unpacking and settling in to your new home. But what about the kids? How can you make this a good experience for the youngest family members?

By doing some quick internet searches for obtaining help, you can prepare for a smooth transition before the movers in Philadelphia transport your belongings. Call local churches, preschool programs or early childhood care centers in advance. Sometimes libraries keep lists of teenagers that are willing to be mentors after school for a nominal fee, as well. Of course, you want your children to have an easy adjustment to their new home, so it might be best to bring the mentor into your home, at least initially, rather than leaving young children in a new environment during the first week.

Philadelphia has a vast number of parks that are perfect for children of all ages. There are splash parks, horticultural garden parks, and an arboretum that is famed for its canopy walk. Initially, find a local park in your neighborhood so you can take breaks from your packing during the day and engage in playfulness with your young ones, and then begin to explore the larger areas as you are feeling more settled.

Keep the family upbeat about your new move. Offer fun rewards to the children when they are helpful to you. Can they play quietly while you are working? Will they take a long rest period or nap? Reward your child’s good behavior by taking them for a half day or a full day of fun to see the best sights of the city as soon as possible. Visit the waterfront area where the whole family will enjoy seeing the harbor filled with ships of all sizes. Don’t miss the Philadelphia Zoo. It is America’s first zoo! Children are always excited about seeing wild animals, but they will be especially amazed at the tigers that can actually walk overhead in a caged catwalk above a public path! Other family-friendly activity ideas could be a trip to the year-round skate park, a fascinating science museum, a hands-on museum, or the aquarium.

Remember that a hassle-free move starts with hiring the right moving and storage company, so that there is little worry about all the major details being covered. For help with your relocation, contact the movers in Philadelphia, PA at L&J Transportation. Contact us today to start planning a moving solution that is right for you.

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