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Top Tips to Make Moving Day a Breeze

You’ve been spending the better part of the last few weeks getting everything packed up and ready for your big move. During the process, you’ve no doubt felt a little overwhelmed. Hiring movers, boxing up clothes and furniture, and of course cleaning away all the things you don’t want to move to your new home. After all this work, the last thing you want is for things to fall apart at the most critical moment: moving day. L&J Transportation understands how difficult this process is. To help, we share tips you may not have considered that can make or break your moving day.

Moving Day Checklist

The easiest way to avoid forgetting something important on your moving day is making a list of all the things you need before you begin taping up your boxes and greeting your movers at the door. You want to be preemptive with your checklist so that you can avoid packing up something you might need on moving day. Money, medicine and important documents are just a few things you will want on hand, just in case unforeseen circumstances occur.

It’s also a good idea to avoid boxing up all your clothes; pack some extra outfits in a suitcase or two just in case spills or delays happen during your move. If your trip between houses is particularly long and may take a few days, don’t forget to pack toiletries and make a plan for how you and your family will remain fed during this time. Making a thorough checklist will ensure that nothing is forgotten and everything you might need is within reach.

Moving with Kids in Tow

As Child Mind Institute notes, moving with children presents a whole new set of considerations and challenges. It is important to remember that a big move can be just as stressful for your kids, and they have needs to be addressed in addition to yours. If your child is old enough to make decisions on what to pack, you may want to task them with packing their own things. Giving them control over their own room is a good way to ease the transition. Give them a separate backpack or smaller box to pack things they want to keep with them while they make the trip. This helps them feel secure and content while on the way to your new home.

On moving day, have plenty of activities to keep your children entertained as you travel from old home to new. It’s a good idea to prepare several backup games and activities if your children get bored on longer trips.

Moving with Pets

Like everyone else in your family, moving is a huge life change for your pets. When moving with pets, make sure that you prepare them for a lengthy trip. To get a feel for how they will react during transport, drive them around a little in your car. For the trip itself, make sure you keep them in a travel-safe container, and keep plenty of food and water to give along the way. You will want to make several stops to ensure your pet is thoroughly fed and watered and has a chance to relieve themselves.

When you work with professional movers like L&J Transportation, be sure to let them know ahead of time about your pet. Some moving companies have policies that require special procedures around animals. Your best bet really is to board your animal for the day, or to sequester them in an empty room where they can be comfortable and out of the way.

Other Considerations

There are a lot of other odds and ends that can bolster the big move. For starters, either you or your partner should be stationed in the new home to direct movers to where you want certain items placed. It’s also important to make sure you have your utilities set up in advance to avoid issues like not having power or water. Finally, make a point to have your locks rekeyed as soon as possible. You don’t know how many duplicate keys are floating around, so it’s best to have new locks. Search for a “residential locksmith near me” to find an expert who can efficiently and affordably swap your locks.

Moving day does come with its challenges and stress, but also plenty of excitement. You are about to begin a new chapter in your life, and now that you’ve planned for everyone in your family, you can take a deep breath and enjoy yet another milestone in your life.

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