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Unpacking Tips: Residential Moving Companies

After months of planning, you have finally arrived at your new home. However, as you look around, all you see is a mountain of boxes and other stuff that needs to be organized. Especially if you moved from and into a large house, unpacking is overwhelming. Instead of panicking, top residential moving companies offer helpful tips to make the unpacking process easier and less stressful.

Unpacking Tips

To make unpacking easier, you have to start by hiring the right movers. When researching different residential moving companies, make sure they offer packing as an add-on service. Although movers also provide unpacking services as well, if this is something that you prefer to do yourself, at least make sure that the moving crew places boxes in designated rooms. Fortunately, the best movers use a comprehensive labeling system that keeps everything organized. That way, when they drop boxes off at your new residence, everything ends up in the room where it belongs.

  • Dedicated Time – While you might want to dive right in, be sure that you have dedicated time for unpacking. Otherwise, you will quickly get distracted and frustrated. Without dedicated time, many people start pulling a few items out of different boxes, and they end up with one big mess in no time. To avoid that situation, take a day or two off of work so that you can unpack systematically.

  • Room by Room – Again, if you consider residential moving companies that place boxes in their proper rooms, unpacking is less complicated. Instead of hopping from one room to the next, focus your full attention on just one room at a time. Whether starting with the kitchen, living room, master bedroom, or so on, get that one room completely unpacked before moving to the next. As a word of advice, it makes sense to unpack the master bedroom first, since this is the room that you will use immediately after moving in.

  • Box Inspection – Even with boxes in their designated spaces, do a quick inspection before picking them up. You want to make sure the bottoms are sealed and that there are no rips or tears. That way, there is no risk of a box breaking open, potentially damaging your goods.

  • Furniture Setup – Before tackling the unpacking, reputable residential moving companies suggest getting your furniture pieces set up. Not only will that clear out a lot of space for you to start unpacking, but it will also give you a better view of each room to help you decide where you want items placed.

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