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Why Moving Companies Insist on Color Coding Boxes for a Move

During your search through the many moving companies in your area, you need to be very careful with whom you select, as not all movers are the same. If you heard this from one of your family members or friends, you should buy them a drink and thank them for saving you from what could be a disastrous move. Often, you will find that choosing the right company comes down to the little things. 

Color-Coded Boxes?

 Did you know that only the best moving companies use color-coded boxes to make your move go smoothly? While it might seem more like a gimmick designed to make their company look like something special, there is more to it than meets the eye. There is a real strategy behind the colors, one that not only benefits the movers but makes things easier for you.

While some movers will color code the boxes, you pack, in most cases, this type of service is part of hiring professionals to pack and unpack your home. While not all companies use the same colors or system, the idea behind color coding is to help streamline the move and help keep everything organized.

How Does Color Coding Work?

It all starts with the movers assigning a specific color to each room in your house. For example, blue for the bathroom, yellow for the kitchen, pink for Jasmine's bedroom, purple for Ian's, and red for your room. Each time one of the packers fills a box for a particular room, the box is marked using the appropriate colored label.

A colored sticker is only the beginning; each box is also assigned a number. Thus, if your bedroom took ten boxes, you would have ten boxes with blue labels numbered 1 through 10. This gives the movers a complete color-coded inventory that includes the exact number of boxes for each room. This will help make loading and unloading your boxes easier as they know exactly how many boxes go in each room.

When the movers arrive at your new home, they know that the ten red boxes go in your bedroom, the eight yellow boxes go in the kitchen, etc. This will help speed up the unloading process and ensure that the right boxes all end up where they belong. Once everything is unloaded, the packers will unpack everything for you and dispose of the packing materials. If you are looking for one of the top moving companies in your area, contact L&J Transportation at 610-327-3100 and let us set up an appointment for your free estimate today!

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